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It started with a dream, I had a dream and I knew I had to live it. I took one step a time cautiously against all the odds , the staring eyes, the skeptical family, rigorous competition all waiting to say we said so. I started with a small cottage amidst the sand dunes, the roaring Hargisa Stream and the snow capped Skardu mountains but now it has become a huge enterprise with strong footings and well wishers around the world who would come back one day to be nestled in the comforts of a home away from home. I beam with pride and thank the Almighty. Today its not just a women led and owned enterprise that we are known for but today we are one of the most successful enterprises in tourism industry in the whole region. This has not been an easy journey this had all the ups and downs. But those days are gone past we are up and running after having yet another successful season we are awaiting you for another season full of adventures. I am a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur, i had a dream and I am living it. Regards Managing Director/Owner of Hargisahut Yasmeen Asrar.


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